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Ingram Micro Hong Kong (Amazon Web Services) - Welcome Partner - Yourishop

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Welcoming our new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner: Yourishop

[Get free e-commerce online store for 12 months from YouriShop]

YouriShop Online store, an e-commerce website owned by iGears, has launched a 12-month free e-commerce online store, providing various functions of and monthly data transmission traffic as high as 10GB! 10GB !

Hope to transform online business, promote online services or set up an online stores during the epidemic? YouriShop is your best choice!

Online registration:

Ingram Micro AWS Team


📞 (852) 2564 9109


歡迎我們 Amazon Web Service (AWS) 的新合作伙伴:: Yourishop

【註冊 YouriShop 立即試用免費版12個月】

iGears旗下電子商貿網站YouriShop 網店推出 12 個月免費版本,提供網店各種基本功能,每月資料傳送流量高達10GB!10GB !

想在疫情期間轉型網上生意、銷售網上服務或設立小型網店?YouriShop 是你最好的選擇!立即登記!

現在就獲取 12 個月免費版本? 進入Yourishop了解更多:

Ingram Micro AWS 團隊


📞 (852) 2564 9109

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