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Ingram Micro Hong Kong (Amazon Web Services) - Welcome Partner - Innocorn

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Welcome to Ingram AWS new partner on-board

Ingram Micro x Amazon Website Service(AWS) x Innorcorn Technology

Our new partner Innocorn Technology has designed an innovative A.I. ambassador kiosk solution to help companies reply to their customers with more human-touch elements, which can reduce the cost of maintaining customer relationships.

Learn more about Innocorn:

What she can do?

✔Speak ✔Answer enquiries ✔Provide information ✔Up-front promotion ✔Guide……

Ingram Micro AWS Team


📞 (852) 2564 9109


歡迎 Amazon Web Service (AWS) 新合作伙伴:Innocorn Technology

我們的新合作夥伴Innocorn Technology設計了一個創新的A.I.ambassador kiosk解決方案,以幫助公司回覆客戶時投入更多人性化的元素,這可以降低維護客戶關係的成本。


✔說話 ✔回覆本詢 ✔提供資訊 ✔前期推廣 ✔引導客戶……


Ingram Micro AWS 團隊


📞 (852) 2564 9109

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