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Martech Powered by AWS

Updated: May 31

About this event

Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Ingram Micro are here and talking about the latest and hottest technology trends, innovative use cases, and strategies for driving transformation for marketers & digital agencies. We have got a half day packed with AWS speakers and multiple Martech solution partners to share the latest MarTech trends and success stories. On behalf of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Hong Kong, may we invite your company to join us on our first in-person event for Martech on April 26th, 2023. At the event, AWS will work with Ingram Micro to discuss the latest MarTech solutions and showcase 8+ Solution Booths, such as: • Customer Data Platform 360 data with machine learning services • AI-Generated Content (AIGC) for avatar/virtual influencer on immersive marketing experience • Web3/Metaverse marketing • Omni-channel event management • and more Interested in one of the topics and don't know where to start? 8+ experienced AWS Service Partners will set up a booth onsite. Join and learn with attendees face to face, build cross-sector connections and discover latest customer experience, we can further elaborate on your needs!

Booth partner list:





5.Jemex Ideas

6.Materia Logic

7.Meta 12



Thanks for joining!

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