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Ingram Micro Hong Kong (Amazon Web Services) - Welcome Partner - Digieasy

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Welcoming our new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner: digiEasy

digiEasy is a digital marketing and CRM consultancy based in Hong Kong. digiEasy’s team is composed of digital experts who have in-depth expertise and extensive experience in data analytics, website development and digital marketing. The team is particularly specialized in CRM, marketing automation solutions such as HubSpot, Marketo and Salesforce. The team also designed and developed their own SaaS platform called #bookingEasy – an online booking management system that manages appointments, classes, group bookings, reminders, payments, customer management and more!

Finding a digital marketing agency in Hong Kong? Explore with digiEasy now:

Ingram Micro AWS Team


📞 (852) 2564 9109


歡迎我們 Amazon Web Service (AWS) 的新合作伙伴: digiEasy

digiEasy 在香港經營數碼營銷及客戶關係管理顧問服務。 digiEasy的團隊由數碼專家組成,他們在數據分析、網站開發和數碼營銷方面擁有深入並專業的知識和豐富的經驗。該團隊特別擅長CRM,營銷自動化解決方案,如HubSpot,Marketo和Salesforce。該團隊還設計和開發了自己的SaaS平台bookingEasy—一個在線預約管理系統,可管理約訂時間、課程、團體預約、提醒、付款、客戶管理等!

正在尋找香港數碼市場營銷公司? 上digiEasy網站了解更多啦~

Ingram Micro AWS 團隊


📞 (852) 2564 9109

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